Aliaga, Turkey It's been a while since I blogged about my sailing adventures... Here's a short video of my shore leave in Aliaga port in Turkey. It was a quick shoreleave that lasted about 3 hours and we (the hubby and me) just walked around the streets doing a bit of window shopping, some coffee-downing, and [...]

The story behind pictures

Its Saturday yet again and time for my new post ! So here i am ; i thought i would talk about some picture-moments from my sailing diary, which dont pertain to any particular place necessarily but just moments that i have cherished on the way ! 1. First up , a super clean road [...]

A Bunbury day !

While on one of my sailing sojourns i got a chance to visit the port city of Bunbury in Western Australia.In a way i feel lucky to have been there because i got to see the beautiful countryside with a lot of greenery and a very calm peaceful laidback lifestyle of its people.I really enjoyed [...]

My Vietnamese Surprise

My first visit to Vietnam was in the year 2016 and it was a memorable one indeed. We happened to be docking at port Cam Pha in Vietnam for discharging coal. And the moment we entered the port limits, it was one surreal picturesque expanse that welcomed us. The sea is always beautiful whatever time [...]